Okiku, Well Fiend

The ghost of a young, naive maid who was murdered by her  master because she misplaced a valuable plate from a set of ten. Her own murder left her deeply traumatized. She keeps counting and recounting the plates with the vain hope of proving her innocence and the injustice of her untimely death.

At some point during the centuries she escaped Banshou Manor to look for the missing plate in the town. When she came back, she discovered a legion of monsters had overtaken the manor and stolen the plates. She managed to recover one single plate and now haunts the entire manor, hopelessly trying to find all the plates.

She will play the role of the distressing damsel in distress. She will break into helpless tears to an annoying degree. Her character may look flat at first, but will develop into a naughty child who… may or may not actually be guilty, casting doubt upon her own innocence and right to behold a grudge.