Level 1

On the first level Kyoko will encounter a bunch of possessed objects, known as Tsukumugami. The challenge as a game designer will be to properly implement a quick tutorial that, at the same time, furthers the story. The characters will be few for the first level, but the story should be intriguing enough to push people forward.


I’m thinking of using two pairs of stooges to liven up the mood. The first pair will be reminiscent of measly henchmen who echo each other the  are reminded of their jobs and start attacking the player. The second pair will be a little like blue oni/red oni. They will make a quick pathetic sketch before attacking the player.


The possessed lantern will be a relatively easy enemy on which to practice, which makes it perfect for enemy battling tutorial. They will stay rooted to the ground although spitting fire in a sweeping circular motion. The challenge will arise when having to battle two at the same time.


The dancing parasol will gide the player away from the obvious door and  into the not-so-obvious well. The interesting thing about this enemy will be that it won’t offer too much of a fight as it will seem like an unlikely annoyance, only being able to be hit once arriving into the story zone.


The pail and the broom, Okiku’s main tools in life as an indentured servant and her only grieving friends in death as a tormented fiend. They will show us the soft side of ghouls before snapping back into battle mode. Only once you defeat these two friends, can the drama really begin.