Level 2

The second level will, naturally, be the garden. There will not be as much dialogue since I want to concentrate on action, treacherous plants biting and snapping at you and the sad beauty of a long forgotten garden.


The enemies will seem inconspicuous at first, then dynamic and impossibly alive. The second boss will be a tree spirit which will attack with roots and brambles before you can enter the mansion.


The first enemies will seem like dried up flowers until they start biting at you. To make up for the initial shock, they will be just as rooted as the first enemies in the entrance.


Second come the mini-whomping willows. They will be specially violent bonsai that will bounce around trying to hit you. Of course, they will be blocking a passage towards the house.


Just as you thought you had already arrived, you will be whipped up by bamboo (fun fact, the Japanese call them Take). That will be the prelude towards the epic tree boss fight. Then you enter the house and catch the crowd-sourcing hook. Sorry about that. X-D