Development Purgatory E.T.A.


I know, I know! It’s been quite a while since my last entry. Until very recently, the project was basically stuck in Dev Hell. For quite a while it was shelved in the first circle, in a library of unpublished thoughts, which so happened to be a former nursery¬†for unbaptized children… but I digress!

I have made an effort to drag it into Dev Purgatory, so to speak.

During this hiatus I got myself accepted at Cologne Game Lab to study a Master’s Degree in Game Design and Research. Too bad they gave me the acceptance letter too late to apply for a scholarship anywhere. So, I’ve had to save up some money and keep applying for an extra year. But I’m making it count!

I’ve been strengthening my skills in German, Unity and Blender. I’ve also attended a few lectures and workshops on Shinto and Edo Japan. In addition, I’ve been taking some geisha classes here and there, which has prompted me to restart modeling, programming and sketching.

An example is these Maiougi: broad dancing fans.


I found myself dissatisfied with whatever the Second Life Marketplace had to offer, so I made my own from scratch. After some market research, I was suggested to program commands into them that any self-respecting geisha would use on a daily basis. I spent some time programming the flipping commands. The model will make it into the game as decor and it might just restart Ichikawa Atelier in SL. The store is also in desperate need of a good revamp.

So, when in Hell (or Purgatory, rather) will I restart the Saisho No Kaidan project?

Wintersemester starts in October, so that’s when I will be properly developing the game. In the meantime, I’ll continue writing the script and making concept art. I’ll try to update the blog on a monthly basis at the very least.

My next concept art will be for the enraged ghost of Michizane, which will be haunting the library, office, scroll repository or any similar place in the Banchou Manor.

If everything goes well, it could even be used for an art collab with a fellow artist. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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