Nerd Boss

Slow news for you but some busy time for me. I fixed a small glitch with the maiougi and I’m preparing new designs. I’m also starting some other small projects within Second Life.

This month I will become a bit more strict with how I manage my own time. Proof of that: Sugawara No Michizane. I actually got the idea of the boss a few months ago when I attended a conference on Shinto. I restructured level 4 and 6 to reflect the inclusion of this new character.

Michizane was a Heian scholar, ambassador and poet. He quickly rose through court ranks and was highly regarded… until power changed hands and he was exiled as a supporter of the previous regime. Legend says that, upon his death, his wrath was such that his enraged spirit caused all manner of natural disasters all over Japan. To appease his spirit, a few shrines were erected in his honor, now being revered as Tenman-Tenjin, god of natural disasters. Later in the Edo period he became patron of scholarship.

I have been meaning to work on this character for a long time. I like the myth behind the kami and I hope to be able to properly flesh out this character at a later time. I think those who know me intimately may find a bit of me in his features. I can be quite a fearsome scholar myself!

Next in line, Rokurokubi, the long necked temptress!


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