Level 6

So, I decided to skip a few interstitial levels to note down a few ideas I don’t want to forget further down the pipeline. It all started with Michizane changing the order of the levels and now I have a bit of an idea to switch around dynamics. Mainly: I want this room to be a brainy puzzle… or at the very least a battle where timing is paramount.


I did think of adding a possessed scroll since Michizane was a scholar but it kinda breaks the pacing. I decided to reinvent the ghostly wheel with this one. The ghost that will accompany Michizane are Wa-yuudou and Katawa Guruma. They’re usually fire beings but I made them electric to continue with Michizane’s electricity motif.

Den Wa-yuudou

I think the first time I saw a  Wa-yuudou, I was playing Ookami in my Nintendo Wii. You encountered them in the Imperial Quarters. They looked a bit more like medallions and they did spit fire or icy winds.

Den Katawa Guruma

I thought of adding a Katawa Guruma, just to balance out the composition. I’m really not sure whether these guys will be enemies or obstacles in the hypothetical puzzle I want to design for this level. The level will have a different pacing, that much is certain.

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