A quick change of heart

So this specific ghost will be pivotal to the story as she is Aoyama’s wife. Try to guess why the plate she is holding is split in two. ;-)

Now, this specific character’s design, battle mechanics and staging changed quite a bit during planning. She was initially to be a Rokurokubi awaiting in the Mistress’s room. While researching, however, I stumbled upon the tale of the Nukekubi which makes the Rokurokubi seem tame and quaint in comparison… aaand, I was beginning to worry about the animation and battle mechanics of a long necked boss. So, I’ll just be lazy about it and make her two separate entities: a dancing beheaded corpse and a flying biting head.

Also, since the introduction of Michizane, I had to repurpose the Mistress’s room into a library and delegated her to the Tea Room, where the subordinate youkai will no longer be possessed beauty items, but begrudged chado utensils. I think it will make for a far more elegant level.

Even as I am writing this, I am seriously considering making the Tea Room a little less busy in the spirit of Zen Buddhism; and allow for a more dramatic cinematic sequence and a poignant boss battle. In all likelihood, the room would be a bit too small and cramped, as all Tea Rooms are.

Maybe I’ll put a puzzle instead of a battle here? Only time will tell…


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